Moving from Shopify to WordPress

Have you ever considered your Shopify store as not being flexible enough or it may be consuming a big amount on re-occurring monthly payments for all the addons and custom development that you went with or is it proving to be costlier affair to get that custom functionality developed for your shopify store. Whatever may be the reason, moving to Woocommerce store for your eCommerce is a possible and a smart choice if you want to minimize your monthly costs and it becomes even more beneficial if you are a small scale business that has very limited online sales.

Here is the process that needs to be followed to get this done:

  • Setup WordPress / Woocommerce staging environment.
  • Find a Pre-Built theme to setup and import demo or hire a wordpress developer to build a custom theme for your store.
  • Find a free or a paid plugin that can migrate all your data between those two platforms. A Paid WordPress plugin is your best bet to get complete data migrated to WordPress.
  • Complete import process and review imported data.
  • Setup a payment gateway, this is where Shopify excels as it has easy payment gateway setup but on Woocommerce, you will need to do more research on setting up a payment gateway but with Woocommerce, you have unlimited choices with which payment gateway you want to go for. Even the ones that Shopify does not integrate with, you can get it custom coded for Woocommerce.
  • Setup any other pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Test complete flow including signup, login, add to cart, checkout and payment completion.
  • Deploy the staging to live environment once ready.

In some situations, even the paid plugins are not able to completely migrate your data from your existing shopify store. In such a case, hire a web company that can get the data imported correctly for shopify XML export file. Custom import is limitless and allows you to import data as per your choice. Even if there is some functionality that was not possible on shopify system due to the platform core capability limitations, you can get that working on woocommerce side.


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