WordPress Web Design Company

IDL Web is a full-service WordPress web design & development company. Our WordPress developers lead the way in building professional WordPress design & development since 2008. We architect and build cutting edge web sites for our Toronto and GTA, Canada- and USA-based clients and all around the world. The WordPress development team includes professional designers, front end developers, back-end WordPress developers, and digital marketing professionals, as well as a project manager, server and hosting engineer, and professional content management team. IDL delivers efficient and SEO-friendly WordPress websites, ready to bring leads from the first days.

Wordpress website design development

Our WordPress design services include, but not limited:

  1. WordPress Design and Development 
  2. WooCommerce Development
  3. WordPress & WooCommerce plugin development
  4. WordPress & WooCommerce website speed up & optimization
  5. WordPress Migration
  6. WordPress Security Setups and Improvements

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It’s not just we who truly believe in the power of WP but as a matter of fact, WordPress powers more than 33% of world websites. Still not convinced? Below are the top reasons why this open-source platform could be the right fit for you:

  • Thousands of design templates and our customer web design support
  • Lower setup and maintenance costs
  • Highly customizable, flexible, and scalable solutions for businesses on their rise
  • WordPress is SEO-friendly and simple to work with
  • IDL tips and devoted hosting help to speed up WordPress sites greatly

IDL Web is the leading WordPress development & design agency that can support all of your WordPress requests and growth ideas. IDL Website Design has been working on the WordPress CMS software platform for more than a decade. From basic 5 page websites for a local small business to 100,000+ product e-commerce websites to high traffic lead generation websites, our WordPress development experience has spanned a range of industries.

Our WordPress web design services work is driven by the need to give you an affordable website that delivers the brand image, functionality and online traffic that your business needs.  That means having up to date, hands-on experience with all the latest developments & technologies to continue building robust & scalable WordPress websites. We are fully equipped in building a plugin from scratch or customizing the most popular plugins like Yoast, WP Smush, Fastest Cache, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce.

Why Choose IDL for WordPress Design?

We deliver supreme WordPress websites with the following features:

  • Secure& fast website protected from attacks, with fast speed performance and wide extending capacity
  • Fully SEO-ready and optimized websites to win TOP 10 Google ranking
  • Simple structured and light sites that will show high website speed and performance
  • Cost-effective solutions: we save up to 30% of the development  budget by optimizing processes, using ready-to-implement solutions, IDL-developed plugins & APIs

WordPress Web Design and Development Services

Custom WordPress Design

We design your WordPress website to perfectly fit your brand & ideas while achieving your digital goals.

WordPress CMS Implementation

We implement design to the latest version of WordPress, set up all the basic plugins needed (blog, contact us forms, gallery, security for WordPress, testimonials, and more).

SEO Optimized WordPress Site

We optimize your WordPress website to rank well on search engines and draw more qualified visitors to your website & sales funnel. SEO friendly website is ready to win top-10 Google Search ranking and bring leads.

WooCommerce Development

E-commerce solutions for WordPress have been our focus for many years, especially during the COVID pandemic. You’ll get a fully customizable, simple-to-add content and extend items’ quantity e-shop, with a cart, payment gateway, product descriptions, videos, and testimonials features.

WordPress Migration

It doesn’t matter if you decide to update your website with a new WordPress version, PHP version on your hosting or migrate from another CMS to WordPress. Our professionals have years of experience on how to migrate websites and keep all the current information, website ranking, and ordering history.

WordPress Training

WordPress manuals, instructions, and training sessions -are always available for you, if you would like to add content, improve SEO or add products to your own WordPress website.

We can share our knowledge and experience to make your professional life easier.

Frequently Asked Question about WordPress

The costs vary greatly due to the following factors: custom or template design, how many pages you’re going to start with, what features you need for your website, whether are you going to launch e-commerce, and do you need API integrations and third-party services’ connections with your website. Whatever the price will be mentioned in Google, only after detailed estimation the final costs can be given.

WooCommerce is definitely the best choice for WordPress e-shop. WooCommerce is simple, SEO-friendly, customizable, and open to updates with thousands of free and paid plugins.

This answer depends on your business tasks and development stage. For businesses that are on the rise, planning to extend, grow, and develop their business, WooCommerce is considered more suitable, as it’s more flexible and customizable.

The answer is yes because WordPress is the most popular CMS system in the world, so hackers keep their focus on attacks on WordPress sites, as in this case they reach a wide database, and this costs a lot of noise. At the same time, if you choose the right WordPress developers, you will be well protected.