LocksmithLondonOntario.com SEO Results

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The Locksmith client hired IDL Web Inc client in April 2019. The site has been in existence since 2008 and was ranking for few low volume keywords on Page 1.

Locksmiths is a challenging industry with lot of local SEO competition and hence required consistent internet marketing strategy. This is one industry where customer loyalty is nearly negligible and building brand was not the only way to attract customers.

This was an industry where when a customer needed to search for Locksmiths, they clicked through couple of results, booked a service over the phone and received the desired service immediately.

Having a properly optimized website solved some problems and was good for Search Engine Optimization, but that was not enough. This industry required different marketing strategies which focused on solving the problem now rather than later.

The owner of the website had invested ample amount of time and resources on this site and built a couple of pages with relevant information but due to the fact that high volume keywords were not ranking on Page 1, the client didn’t have enough traffic and ultimately leads.

Keyword Analysis

Our foremost step was to find the keywords relevant to Locksmiths in London, Ontario. As in any industry high volume keywords were the most competitive keywords.

We used various keyword tools and found many high competitive keywords related to the Locksmith industry. We worked hard to find high volume and high value keywords for our client’s website.

We also analyzed the competitor’s website from the same industry and found more high ranking keywords. The collection of keywords became our target goal.

Competitors Analysis

It is important to analyze a competitor’s website to understand how they are ranking high. We then worked on finding the high-ranking competitor’s keywords, analysed their On-Page strategy and completed a backlink analysis. Based on keywords identified, our content team wrote unique content for each service page.

As the Locksmith industry is in demand and full of vigorous competition, we found many keywords having the volume between 10-1600 monthly searches for clients serving location.

We also had discussions with the client regarding the keywords, to understand which keywords they wanted to rank high for and what was their top-most priority.

SEO Campaign Outline

Month 1 – The Beginning

  • On Page Analysis
  • Technical issues fixed
  • Fixing crawl and server errors
  • Proper Page-by-Page  review
  • Solving Webmasters Issue
  • Performance Optimization

Month 2 – Laid On-Page Foundation

  • Monitored the impact of Technical SEO & On-Page optimisation
  • Restructured page layouts
  • Directory submissions
  • Google My Business (GMB) listing submission
  • Secured in content backlinks

Month 3 – Invested more on Off-Page Strategies

  • Guest Posts
  • Directory submissions
  • Secured in content backlinks
  • Analysis with different tools continues
  • Web 2.0s -partial match, brand, naked anchors

Month 4 – Reaped Benefits

  • Directory submissions
  • Guest Post-Money Keyword Variation
  • Secured in content backlinks
  • Results

The Results

The results were clearly visible as traffic doubled month to month. 

Search Engine Optimization is important for the success of any website, it helps attract more visitors and ultimately convert them into sales.

screenshot www.semrush.com 2019.08.16 14 23 13

Page 1 Ranking

The highest volume keyword in London, ON for our this client is Locksmith London Ontario and we now rank in Page 1 for it:

locksmith London

Additional highly ranked keywords:

  • Lock smith
  • Car Locksmith
  • Auto Locksmith
  • Emergency Locksmith
  • 24 Hr Urgent Locksmith
  • & 50 others on Page 1

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In Conclusion

Within a period of 3-4 months, we showed our value as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company and boosted the SERP results for our client’s locksmith business.

We continuously work on this website to further increase backlinks and creation of content on a monthly basis.