Hire a Dedicated Joomla Developer

The purpose of this article is to provide insightful information about hiring a Joomla developer or expert for your next project.

About Me

My name is Jacob Hodara, founder and senior Joomla developer at IDL Web Inc. I began my web development career in the year 2000, since 2005 focusing mainly on web development using Joomla (and Mambo for those who remember). Initially, I started developing Joomla templates, today we provide a complete set of Joomla Services for a global Joomla client base.

Over the years, I’ve dealt with thousands of customers and websites & understand how difficult it is to hire Joomla developer who is an expert. This article is a combination of 17+ years of experience, it’s goal – to help you find right Joomla Developers for hire.

Can anyone become a Web developer for Joomla?

The short answer is yes.

Anyone ‘can’ say they are a professional Joomla developer in this online world.

Use this checklist to assess the developer

  • Email the developer – see how quickly they respond.
  • Lookup their LinkedIn profile, do they have any recommendations?
  • Ask the developer for reference links. Not just links, ask what specific tasks they completed when building this website.
  • Find out how long has the developer been in business.
  • See if the developer has any reviews, such as on Google, Yelp or other popular review sites.
  • Request a short phone or Skype call. This should give you a good indication of their level of professionalism.
  • Ask the developer some extension recommendations, example: “What form builder do you prefer using and why?”
  • Is the developer Joomla certified? (Joomla Certification Program was introduced in recent years)

What skills should a Joomla Developer posses?

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS/jQuery
  • Joomla site / server security
  • Knowledge of core Joomla
  • Proper knowledge of Joomla overrides
  • Proper knowledge of Joomla templates
  • Joomla MVC

What about hiring a Joomla Developer offshore?

If you currently own a website, there is a good chance an offshore company has reached out to you by now.

Over the years, we’ve heard some bad experiences with offshore companies.

  • Timezone issues – If you run into a ‘web emergency’ during business hours, is the offshore team available? It may be 3AM where they are located.
  • Communication – Trying to communicate ideas, instructions and directions can be difficult.
  • Team Leader – You may be dealing with a team leader who then has to pass on information to his team. Though this is not a problem, expect a ‘broken phone’ approach where specific details can be missed or mistranslated.
  • Cost – $10/hour is a great price, but if it takes 5-10 hours to complete where is the cost saving?

How to Hire Dedicated Joomla Developer?

Cost of hiring a Joomla Developer

Generally cost is broken down to an hourly rate or a flat project rate.

Hourly rates can range from $50-$120 USD for a North American based Joomla developer.

Flat rate project will depend on scope of project, below are some rough esimates: