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Are you a Joomla website owner or a marketing agency who requires professional Joomla Support Services? We are a prompt, professional and knowledgeable team of Joomla developers ready to provide you Joomla technical help on retainer or adhoc basis. Our expert team has been providing Joomla Help to a client base in USA & Canada since 2005. We have completed over 8500+ projects in last 14 years.

Maintaining our status of the Best Joomla! Support Company in USA & Canada is something we work very hard to do. We strive to tune your website for optimum performance & requirements. Building long-term relationships and producing results are our top priorities.

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Joomla Support Packages

All our Joomla website support packages include:

  • Per second time tracking
  • Hours never expire unless used
  • CSV timesheet export available
  • Used for any of our Joomla services

& we even provide Joomla Online Support Services.


Joomla Support Services

joomla support

We offer an extensive collectoin of Joomla support services. Below is a list of key Joomla support services. Please contact us if you require assistance with a service not listed.

General Joomla Support

General Joomla Support

Day to day assistance with your Joomla website. From basic administrator help to more complex website functionality issues.
Template Joomla Support

Template Joomla Support

Joomla template modifications, resolve mobile responsive issues, Joomla template overrides.

Blank Page Joomla Support

Blank pages indicate a PHP error with your Joomla website. This can be caused by various reasons.

Extension Joomla Support

Having difficulties installing extensions? It may be due to home path issues or directory permission/ownership.

Malware/Hack Joomla Support

An unmaintained Joomla website may be hacked or infected with malware that sends out spam. The result can be devastating to your business.

Migration/Upgrade Joomla Support

Upgrading your Joomla website to the latest version. We also assist with migrations from older versions of Joomla.

PHP Errors Joomla Support

PHP errors/warnings/notices may be displaying on your Joomla website. We will debug and resolve these errors.

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