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What Do You Gain With Joomla Website Design & Development Services?

Joomla is still a reliable and profitable open-source CMS for ambitious and outstanding business projects. When is Joomla the best choice for your website? 

  • Security: secure and free-of-change CMS. No hidden costs.
  • Time to market: adjust, update, and improve your website in weeks, not months.
  • Resilience: implement a web solution that is easy to scale, extend, and customize with no limits.
  • Supreme SEO features: tailor your website’s SEO strategy to meet your specific needs and search engine algorithms’ changes and trends. Semrush approved.
  • Power of emerging technologies: AI, IoT, ML.
  • Cost-efficiency: save costs and get free from fees, regularly updated open-source software.

Our Promise

  •  Modern design incorporates desktop, and mobile versions as well as navigation elements required for today’s successful user experience.
  • Light speed performance on Google PageSpeed Insights. We deliver an already-optimized website, which is 35% faster than other CMS.
  • The latest Joomla version includes all possible security layers and interactivity enhancements. No additional software is needed.
  • Full-cycle design, development, and lead-generating processes. Save your time to achieve business goals.
  • 24/7 ongoing monitoring, fraud prevention, and updates. No additional effort is needed.
  • The best Joomla hosting to improve website performance and security.
  • The meticulous budget and timeline match.

What Workflow to Expect

  • Meeting with a Joomla-oriented web expert, business goals discussion, and website specification creation (wireframes and design specs).
  • Market analysis: overseeing your competitors as well as end-customer target groups.
  • Deliver up to 3 design styles for your consideration, in the form of semi-finished mockups.
  • Finalize the Joomla design templates and get ready for the next steps.
  • Approve technical tasks and development stage estimation.
  • Migrate the design to Joomla, and implement all the extensions, features, and basic setups.
  • Sort out to migrate URLs, information, and images from the current website.
  • Adding all the content, performing QA testing, and fixing issues on the development link.
  • Release to live, set up a smooth process to connect all the 3d side APIs, extensions, and integrations.

IDL On-Demand Joomla Services

  • Joomla landing page design and implementation.
  • Custom Joomla website development.
  • Joomla E-commerce development (Virtumart, Hikkashop & more).
  • Joomla-based website redesign or upgrade.
  • Joomla extension development and API integrations.
  • Banners, hero sliders, and advertising design.

Industries We Have Assisted with Web Design Solutions Over the Years

For more than 16 years, we have delivered reliable, affordable, and scalable solutions to small, medium, and multinational businesses, startups, and software product-based companies:

  • Medical and healthcare: doctors, dentistry, psychologists, general and veterinary clinics;
  • Fintech, financial services, and insurance companies;
  • Educational companies and libraries;
  • E-commerce, b2b websites for wholesalers, marketplaces;
  • Online newspapers, blogs, magazines, and news websites;
  • Government websites: city, social, and community websites;
  • Construction, general contractors, and property management solutions;
  • Non-profits, non-governmental, crowdfunding organisations;
  • Religious institutions;
  • Subscription-based services and products;
  • Hotels, restaurants, tourist websites, and ski resorts;
  • Lawyers, real estate firms, notaries, accountants, and corporate advisors.

Why Choose IDL Web Inc as Your Joomla Development Company?

  • 16+ years of Joomla expertise.
  • 1000+ Joomla extensions and modules developed, updated, and integrated.
  • Honest billing and open line of communications.
  • Full-cycle Joomla development services by a Canada-based development team.

You Are One Call Away from a Fully Customizable, Trendy, and Secured Website!

What Else Can We Deliver as a Joomla Development Company? 

Joomla Website Migration Service

The IDL Joomla team is strong in smooth and fast Joomla website migration to WordPress, Drupal, and any other CMS, or platform, and vice versa. The migration process typically includes implementing any necessary updates to ensure your site’s security, high performance, and resilient integration with APIs, plugins, and extensions. Additionally, we can facilitate the migration of Joomla to another PHP version, server, hosting, and domain.

Joomla Template Design and Development

IDL Joomla website design and development team have assisted creative agencies in the USA, Canada, and worldwide by offering fully customizable, responsive, user-friendly, and QA-tested Joomla templates for many years. We are thrilled to see how the creativity of our partners, combined with our technical expertise, results in enhanced web solutions that boost business sales. The IDL Joomla templates are an effective tool for creating multiple landing pages, websites, e-commerce platforms, and site builders.

Joomla Support Services

We provide the best maintenance services on an hourly or dedicated basis for your business website. Joomla support includes but is not limited: update the Joomla CMS and extensions version, upgrading Joomla 4 to Joomla 5, migrate from any CMS to Joomla and vice versa, speed up Joomla website, improve SEO, plug-in setup, develop and implement custom extensions, API integrations, create regular system backups, fix security issues, troubleshooting and resolve bugs, migrate to secure Joomla hosting, code refactoring, content updates, etc.

Joomla Search Engine Optimization

The days when having meta titles and descriptions was enough to promote your website and gather organic traffic left far behind. Today, result-oriented SEO combines content marketing, technical SEO, on-page SEO optimization, user’s friendly design, website speed optimization, and many other metrics. At the same time, search engine algorithms are changing, updating, and improving every day, not every year.  Your company website needs to attract visitors, engage with them, and convert them into prospects. And you need to have a fully customizable admin panel that allows a flexible SEO process. That’s exactly where we come in when develop, implement, and update Joomla sites.  

Joomla Performance Optimization

We’re not limited to delivering and launching a new website for your company. The digital environment, Google’s algorithms, trends, and users’ expectations change very quickly. We believe, that with regular Joomla performance optimization, you can benefit from your website in the coming years. We analyze and optimize your Joomla website’s performance to improve loading times, efficient code, and the optimal user experience. 

Joomla Version Updates & Upgrades

Joomla moves forward and improves its performance, extending features, and opportunities to scale, grow, and optimize your website and match current requirements. As soon as a new Joomla version is launched, we’re here to test all the updates and upgrade your website with the most recent stable version available. Platform version updates commonly come with additional actions such as bug fixes, security patches, and feature enhancements within the new version. These updates are crucial for security, performance, and compatibility with the latest features. If you hold our support and maintenance package, version updates will be scheduled and done regularly.

Joomla API Integration

If you want to enhance your website’s capabilities by linking the Joomla database with your ERP, CRM, warehouse management system, or any other third-party service, you can consider API integration. While Joomla extensions (modules, components, and plugins) can handle this task, API integration is faster and more reliable.

Joomla Security and Hosting Services

At IDL Web Inc we handle all types of web security threats and holes to prevent cyber attacks, malware, phishing, website suspense, and other issues that can cost tens of thousands of dollars for the business. Our key solutions for your website security and data protection include Joomla hosting, malware scanning, website recovery after being hacked, malware clean-up and recovery of the functionality and data, removing Google penalties and re-index website, and educating your team with simple tips on how to prevent phishing and malware attacks. Learn more about our urgent web security assistance and preventive tools here.

Joomla Training and Consultation

The biggest part of Joomla stereotypes and cons exists because of a lack of time, practice, and expertise. In IDL, we believe that continuous learning, skill set improvement, and trend-watching are essential to delivering the best possible result in the digital world. We’re proud to keep studying and improving our Joomla expertise, and ready to share it with you. We propose Joomla training services, CTO and CEO consulting services, team upskilling, and personal Joomla training. Ping us to reveal more details, costs, and schedules.

Why Our Clients Love Working With Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best choice between Joomla and WordPress depends on your specific business needs. Joomla is more secure, flexible, customizable, it can perform at a higher website speed, and be extended with no limits. Joomla is a reliable CMS for complex websites, big portals, and e-commerce solutions. WordPress, on the other hand, offers a wide range of plugins, themes, and options from the large WP support community. WordPress is a good web solution for small businesses, blogs, landing pages, and small to medium e-commerce businesses.

Joomla can be too labor and time-intensive for small businesses, which will benefit more from ready-made solutions that other CMSs offer. At the same time, Joomla delivers plenty of benefits to businesses that are looking for advanced features, robust user management options, outstanding website security, and SEO features.

Joomla is a good e-commerce solution for big multicurrency e-shops that work worldwide. Joomla can be tailored to your needs to deliver the best customer experience, especially for wholesalers, dealer portals, two-in-one B2B2C commerce, and marketplaces. With Joomla e-commerce solutions like Virtumart, Hikkashop, and J2Store you can easily launch your e-commerce website and grow it in the future.

Yes, Joomla is customizable and can perform significant customization benefits, compared to other popular CMSs. Aside from basic customization options like templates, extensions, add-ons and APIs integrations, Joomla can deliver outstanding options to tailor code, user control levels, and multilingual features. The success of Joomla customization depends on clear business tasks, Joomla developers’ expertise and skills.

Joomla stands out with robust security among other CMSs, considering malware, spam, and bot attack intensity. At the same time, the level ultimately depends on various factors, especially how well Joomla is maintained, what extensions are installed, how the server is configured, regular updates, monitoring, and so much more.

Yes, Joomla is SEO-friendly and flexible to SEO updates due to search engine algorithms and changes. The key Joomla SEO features are: search engine effective URLs, metadata management, canonical URLs, XML sitemap genaration, highly customizable navigation structure, mobile optimization, wide range of SEO extentions.