Lambton College Employer Expo – Career in Web Development

lambton college web development expo

lambton college web development expo

IDL Web at Lambton College Employer Expo

Get the indepth knowledge of web design/development by connecting with us. At IDL Web, we specialize in website design, development and support.

Have you looking for a CoOp / Internship as part of your Lambton College program, submit your resume today at IDL Web.

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Are you looking to pursue your career in Website Designing, then send us your resume today.

Internship Benefits / CO-OP advantages with IDL

  • Gain Valuable team work experience
  • Learn Joomla CMS
  • Learn the widely used WordPress CMS
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Learn best web design practices and become industry ready

As our company does not depend on third parties for hosting and have our own dedicated servers that we manage ourselves, there is scope to get hands on experience in handling various website maintenance tasks that involve Command Line execution. Moreover, as we deal with both B2B and B2C clients, we have a variety of work that can help you to learn and make the most out of your internship. From photoshop, web designing, backend web management, website optimization, seo, mobile friendly web interface development etc, internship from IDL Web can help Lambton College students to become competitive and gain the required skills.

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During the Employer Expo at Lambton College, our team will answer your question and try to match your resume with the require skillset. In general, we are looking for the following in the ideal intern:

  • Dedicated and quick to adapt to new technologies.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP (as a web developer intern, you should atleast know how to use search engine to get things going)
  • Knowledge of WordPress/ Joomla is an asset. (As mst of our clients are using WordPress and Joomla, having a basic knowledge of these is a kickstart for your career)
  • HTML / CSS / jQuery / Bootstrap

Even if you have not used wordpress before, we highly recommend you to search on how to install WordPress, install wordpress and practice it yourself with tons of tutorials available online. Not only at IDL, but other web development companies also use wordpress and knowledge of this CMS will help you with your search.

All in all, we welcome all Lambton IT / Web Students to send us your resume and get connected with the right web development company.

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